Welcome to the Homepage of the 79th New York Infantry, Co. A, Cameron HighlandersResampled952013-10-119516-39-359573 , East Tennessee 

The 79th New York Infantry is based in Knoxville, Tennessee and has members from across East Tennessee.  We are dedicated to preserving the memory of those who fought in the Civil War, educating others on the war and the common soldier, and helping preserve the history of our area.

Why do we portray a New York unit?  The 79th New York is a very storied unit from the war. The 79th was present at many major battles, including First Bull Run, ( where their commander, Colonel Cameron, brother of Secretary of War Simon Cameron, was killed ), Antietam, and Vicksburg, as well as fights along the coast. The 79th was also present in the East Tennessee Campaign, and was part of the garrison of Fort Sanders in Knoxville when General Longstreet attacked in November of 1863.

The 79th is part of the Army of the French Broad, an umbrella organization of Federal reenacting units in the South. The AFB is a well respected group with connections to multiple events and other reenacting groups across the country.

The 79th New York takes part in several reenactments every year, and has participated in such national-level events as the  the 140th, 145th and 150th Anniversary Battles of Antietam, the National Event at Perryville, KY, 145th Bentonville, NC, the 135th, 140th and 150th Anniversary Battles of Bull Run,  Battle of Chickamuga and 150th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg, among many others. Also, we have attended events at both national and state parks, including Fort Sumter, Fort Fisher State Historic Site in North Carolina and Port Hudson State Historic Site in Louisiana. Our unit strives to be historically accurate and utilizes extensive archaeological evidence as well as written histories and documentation.

So, please explore, visit our blog section, and  If you need information, or are looking to join, please leave a reply and we will contact you via email or by reply…..

The Union Forever, and Scotland a Little Longer!

The 79th New York in no way endorses, supports or advocates, any racist, homophobic, sexist, white supremacist, or any related or like activities. We are strictly a military reenactment unit…see our statement on the top of the page



18 thoughts on “Home

  1. My son (13yrs old …. but 6’4″ tall, 275# ….) is very interested in joining a reinactment group. What do we need to do in order for him to join your group? We live in Newport, TN.

    Thank you.

    Robert Smith

  2. Hi,

    Met you guys this weekend at the East TN History Fair; I’m the Executive Director up at Historic Rugby. I spoke with Lance for quite a bit about joining you guys at Fort Sanders. Also, would like to make contact to have some of your unit up to Rugby to talk about a possible event here next year. Feel free to email me back.

    Zach Langley

  3. Met this group at Ft Sanders this weekend and had a great time. I have found a great group to reenact with.

    Mike Sheffield

  4. Hello 79th! I fell in with you guys this weekend at Fort Sanders and had a great time. What a great group of guys. I left my vest in your supply tent during the battle and forgot to get it back. Well, that’s what idiots do. Just wanted to know if you could mail it to me and let me know what I owe you for postage and trouble. Thanks for everything. Hopefully see you at another event soon.

    • That would help me out alot, Its a farby vest but I wear it alot. Thanks for helping me out and sorry for putting you through all this trouble.

  5. Shane -
    My son and I participated in the Chickamauga event in Sept with the 79th; I am planning on going to Aiken in February but I won’t get in until the ‘wee’ hours of Saturday (have to work all day Friday); anyway, I was hoping I could again fall in with your unit on Saturday; I now have a weapon but I don’t have a great coat so I’m hoping it won’t be too cold; please let me know if this is OK & if so, any details I’ll need to know before arriving; tks, TA Smith (Brentwood)

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